Structured Work abroad programs

Throughout the history of Ireland and steeped deep in our culture, is a tradition of community and sharing, from our earliest beginnings folklore tells the ancient tale of Danu the Queen Goddess who in her wisdom granted to her people great jewels of wisdom and endless fountains of knowledge, education and learning that would eventually lead to the emergence of a nation of Saints and scholars, poets and writers…


Today we invite you to Ireland, we invite you to discover her open and welcoming culture, the warmth of her people, we invite you to learn and work in Ireland as part of our structured work abroad program, discover for yourself the power of learning English as you work abroad. Unearth the knowledge, linguistic skills, cultural insights and expertise needed to find a job in Ireland. This three-month program will prepare you for all aspects of life in Ireland. 

  • 2 or 3 Month programs options

  • Twice weekly English classes

  • Curriculum preparation

  • Interview preparation and tips

  • Visa and tax number registration

  • Bank account set up

  • Guaranteed Accommodation

  • 24-hour emergency contact while in Ireland

  • Guaranteed Job interview

  • workexperience@danulearning